Saturday, November 19, 2022

Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae from Costco Food Court

We started today with breakfast at Tim Hortons. Then, we grabbed groceries from Shoppers Drug Mart to get PC Optimum points. We went home to drop off our items and to rest for a bit. It allowed me to type all my Tims' blog posts. 😅

Then, we headed to Costco for lunch and groceries. We're shocked to see that all fried food is sold out! The french fries, poutine, and chicken strips with fries are all sold out. 🤯 Their fryer might be broken. That's the only logical explanation for running out of fries.

The good thing is the sundae is available. I know it's below 5°C outside, but that won't stop my hubby from getting his ice cream.

Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Topping

We chose the vanilla ice cream sundae with chocolate topping from Costco. It's the classic combination. I have tried sundaes from McDonald's and Jollibee, with the latter having the better one.

Sundae from Costco

However, the Costco food court chocolate topping is surprisingly delicious. It's creamy and thick, perfect with the vanilla soft-serve ice cream.

We'll try the caramel topping next time.

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