Saturday, November 26, 2022

Bulgogi Jeongol from Masa Japanese Restaurant

Happy Saturday dinner! I stayed home all day, but we went to Anticipated Sunday Mass at our local parish. Afterwards, we grabbed groceries, then dinner at Masa Japanese Restaurant.

We ordered the Bulgogi Jeongol. It is a Korean hot pot dish with beef and vegetables. I tried the soup base, and it's obviously beef broth. The banchan is a nice touch as a palate cleanser.

Bulgogi Jeongol
Korean hot pot dish consisting of deliciously marinated bulgogi, soup stock, and various vegetables.

We also ordered the Sake Bomb Roll because we are going through the Special Sushi list. It's spicy. Although, I realized I am not a fan of seared salmon on my roll.

Sake Bomb Roll
Spicy salmon roll with seared salmon and special spicy sauce.

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