Friday, November 11, 2022

Snacks and Drinks Menu and Review of Millenium Karaoke

After a planned Korean BBQ dinner and an unplanned soy-based cake for dessert, we arrived at Millenium Karaoke (MK)! When planning my birthday celebration, I told my siblings I wanted to enjoy Korean BBQ, which they were okay with. Then, they randomly requested if we could do karaoke afterwards.

I searched for a couple of days for a Korean BBQ spot near a karaoke place in Richmond, BC and found Gang Nam Korean BBQ and MK. They're 6 minutes from each other.

I made reservations for two hours for six people at 7:00 PM. We arrived on the dot as they were opening.

IMPORTANT: Everyone in your party must present two pieces of valid ID at the front desk before you can enter. My youngest sister forgot her ID, and we had to Uber her to go home and back to MK so she could grab her ID. Thankfully, it's nearby.

First, food and drinks are expensive. The cocktails are good, but the food is not something I recommend.

Sweet Japan and Tequila Sunrise
Each cocktail costs $13.99 plus 12% gratuity and applicable taxes.

The Appetizer Platter below costs $25.99 plus 12% gratuity and applicable taxes. I expected to get more food because I was paying $25.00 and couldn't believe how little food came. Moreover, the food was not spectacular. But, to be fair, you don't go here for the food but for the singing.

Appetizer Platter
Spring rolls, mini sausages, fish balls, and Taiwanese fish cake

TIP: Eat elsewhere before going to MK. You can maybe get one drink, but anything more than that is a bit much.

Millenium Karaoke Richmond BC Shots Menu and Drinks Menu

Millenium Karaoke Richmond BC Food Menu and Hot/Cold Drinks

I never knew I missed karaoke nights until today. I'm still very much Filipino by heart, even though I'm a Canadian Citizen already. The room was clean, and even the bathroom was clean. Although, my hubby pointed out that we're the first users of the room for the day, which is why it's still neat. There are six of us for two hours (45 per hour per room), and even with the12% gratuity, each person paid roughly $17.50. 

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