Saturday, November 12, 2022

Farmer Sausage from Bratwurst Haus (#40) | Vancouver Christmas Market 2022

Happy Saturday! Hubby and I went to the opening day of the Vancouver Christmas Market. We purchased the Season Pass to come back to continue exploring the food offerings inside.

Our first bite of food is from Bratwurst Haus. We entered during the first hour of opening, and they're the first food stall in the line. The first drink vendor with a line is the Pyramid.

Farmer Sausage from Bratwurst Haus in Vancouver Christmas Market 

The Farmer Sausage was peppery and was perfectly cooked with a snappy skin and juicy interior. The sauerkraut is an excellent addition as a palate cleanser, so you can just keep digging in.

Farmer Sausage
150-year-old traditional Transilavian family recipe smoked with applewood

Hubby chose the Farmer Sausage because it's a 150-year-old recipe. He's also eyeing the bacon-wrapped one, maybe next time!

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