Sunday, December 11, 2022

Schnitzel in Vancouver Christmas Market

We entered the Vancouver Christmas Market shortly after 11:30 AM. Our first stop is the Schnitzel Haus, for obviously, some Schnitzel served with potato salad and gravy.

German Pork Schnitzel with Potato Salad and Gravy

Pork Schnitzel in Vancouver Christmas Market

I am pleasantly surprised with how well the freshly fried pork cutlet, salty gravy, and sweet cold potato salad work together. I love the balance of the meal.

The description below is printed under the menu of the Schnitzel Haus.

Schnitzel is a gently tenderized meat cutlet that is breaded in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs then fried.

In its present form, Wiener Schnitzel (Wien - Vienna) dates back to the late 1800s.

Our "Viennese Style" Schnitzel is served with potato salad. A German twist is adding gravy, making German Schnitzel another favourite in European Cuisine.

Did you know... The German word for schnitzel (High German: snitzel) is a derivative of sniz, 'slice.'

Below is a list of food we have tried inside the Vancouver Christmas Market.

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