Saturday, December 31, 2022

Lunch at New India Buffet Bar & Restaurant

Happy last day of 2022. I made a deal with my husband that if I reached 170 lbs, my reward would be a buffet. 🤣 I achieved it last November, but I gained 3 lbs back in December. It might not be much for some, but I was more than 200 lbs at my heaviest weight!

For lunch today, we went to New India Buffet Bar and Restaurant.

The beautiful interior of New India Buffet Bar & Restaurant in Vancouver, BC.

Anyway, I tried a small amount of everything in the buffet except for the salad bar and appetizers section.

Below are my thoughts on each savoury dish.

Plate number 1

My first plate of food includes basmati rice, naan bread, chicken curry, tandoori chicken, lamb curry, and butter chicken. The first section of the buffet offers more popular dishes in North America.

The butter chicken is sweet (too sweet?) compared to the delicious and hotter chicken curry. The lamb curry pieces are fatty, while the tandoori chicken is surprisingly tender and juicy. A tremendous first plate. If you're here, I recommend the tandoori chicken and chicken curry. If you can't handle any amount of spiciness, go for the butter chicken.

Plate number 2

My second plate of food came from this section. I forgot to take a photo of my actual plate. #facepalm

Anyway, the Beef Keema was too salty. Skip it. The Fish Curry was creamy and so soft, and tender. Meanwhile, Veg Pilau is essentially fried rice. It's alright, but I recommend sticking to the basmati rice. The last thing on this plate is the Oven Baked Veg; it's not spicy and very creamy - delicious!

Plate number 3

My third plate of food includes rice and naan again. This time I tried Egg Curry, Chicken Manchurian (Indo-Chinese style), Corn Mushroom, and Aloo Gobhi (cauliflower & potato). The egg curry has a similar flavour profile as butter chicken but with a hardboiled egg. Meanwhile, the aloo gobhi is tarty, and the chicken Manchurian is unfamiliar. I'm still determining what to compare it to and if I like it. Finally, the corn mushroom is a good palate cleanser with no heat.

Plate number 4

The last two plates are all vegetarian dishes. Plate four includes Mix Daal Lentils, Veg Curry, Chana Masala, and Veg Makhani. I'm not a fan of the makhani; it's too sour for my liking. The veg curry is alright, but the better of the vegetarian dishes is the mix daal lentils and chana masala.

Plate number 5

On the last plate, we have the mutter paneer (cheese & peas), saag spinach paneer, Indian yogurt curry, and baby eggplant masala. I love the saag spinach paneer, everything else you can skip. The yogurt curry is sour, the baby eggplant has a mushy texture, and I am not a fan of green peas on curry - if you want a peas-like texture, go for the chana masala.

Losing weight has shrunk my stomach and appetite. My past self would be disappointed that I didn't go for two additional plates of things I liked - tandoori chicken, chicken curry, saag spinach paneer, rice, and naan. However, my past self would be shocked that I lost as much weight as I did and have been keeping it off. Slow and steady seems to have worked for me.

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