Thursday, December 1, 2022

Knedla at Vancouver Christmas Market 2022

This is the first time we've heard of Knedla when we saw a food vendor selling it at the Vancouver Christmas Market. It really shows how little we know about food from Europe.

We ordered 4 of the 5 available stuffed Knedla flavours. Unfortunately, the Traditional Plum was already sold out.

Knedla is a steamed dumpling from traditional potato dough widely available in Eastern Europe. I apologize for the terrible photos. It may look like it exploded on our plate, but it was worth the mess!

A box of four Knedla

The dough was soft, chewy, and thick. I'll happily eat that on its own or with anything - savoury and sweet. All their flavours are on the sweet side, which my hubby loves. We ordered Nutella, Cookies & Creme, Raspberry White Chocolate, and Raffaello.

Nutella Flavour Knedla

Nutella Flavour Knedla
Nutella Knedla is made for chocolate lovers. We fill our signature potato dough with the original Nutella spread, then coat it with more hazelnuts and cacao.

Our favourite, hands down, is the Raffaello. If you love coconut, this is the way to go. There's a depth of flavour.

Raffaello Knedla

Raffaelo Knedla
For coconut lovers. We fill our signature potato dough with yummy ganache of premium white chocolate, almonds, and coconut, then coat it with thinly shredded coconut.

Raspberry White Chocolate Knedla

Raspberry White Chocolate Knedla
A super refreshing, elevated taste. We fill our signature potato dough with premium white chocolate and locally sourced raspberries,             then coat it with our secret crumb coating.

The Raspberry White Chocolate and Raffaello are definitely flavours geared more towards adults, while Nutella and Cookies & Creme are more for kids or those who love sweets.

Cookies & Creme Knedla

Cookies & Creme Knedla
A fan favourite made for Oreo cookie lovers. We fill our signature potato dough with premium white chocolate mixed with dark cookie crumble the coat it with Oreo crumbs.

We'll definitely come back and try the Traditional Plum next time.

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