Friday, December 9, 2022

Limited Time Only: A&W Chicken Nuggets

A&W is offering chicken nuggets for a limited time and is served with the new sweet chili sauce.

A&W Chicken Nuggets
Crispy on the outside, seasoned 100% chicken breast on the inside. All from chicken raised without the use of antibiotics. Served with a lip-smacking (sweet chili) sauce, each perfect bite tastes better than the last.

It's not as crispy as McNuggets from McDonald's, and the chicken itself is not as flavourful as the one from Wendy's, but the Sweet Chili Sauce is quite delicious.

A&W Chicken Nuggets with Sweet Chili Sauce

A&W Chicken Nuggets

Overall, the A&W Chicken Nuggets are not something I will crave and try again.

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