Sunday, December 11, 2022

Baklava and Turkish Tea and Coffee from The Golden Horn Turkish Bakery and Cafe

Happy Sunday morning! My husband and I planned to visit the Vancouver Christmas Market today. Unfortunately, we arrived an hour early before they opened. While waiting, we walked around the Convention Center to look for a place to hang out and spotted The Golden Horn Turkish Bakery and Cafe, which sells Turkish Tea, Turkish Coffee, and assorted baklavas.

Assorted baklava, Turkish Coffee, and Turkish Tea from The Golden Horn Turkish Bakery and Cafe

We ordered one of each baklava available on display, one Turkish Tea for me and Turkish Coffee for my husband. This is the best baklava I've had. They're not overly sweet and, more importantly, not stale.

Left: Pistachio Baklava
Right: Coconut Almond Baklava

I prefer the walnut and pistachio (which I am calling 'The Classic' 😅), and I'd gladly order both again.

Walnut Baklava and Midye Baklava (Hazelnut & Chocolate Truffle)

Meanwhile, if you want a baklava with a surprise in the middle, order the Midye Baklava.

Left: Chocolate Baklava
Right: Hazelnut Baklava

You can skip the chocolate baklava unless you're unfamiliar with baklava. It's a great introduction to the textures of the dessert but with a ubiquitous chocolate flavour.

Kadaif (Pistachio)

If you want all the baklava flavour but with a crunchy and chewy texture, go for the bigger size kadaif.

Turkish Coffee

Hubby is pleased to try Turkish Coffee from a different country, and the serving cup is beautifully designed. I enjoyed my Turkish Tea as well.

Turkish Tea

Please drop by and order a box of assorted baklavas if you're in the area. They're fantastic as gifts too.

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