Saturday, December 3, 2022

Pork Hock from Haxen Haus at Vancouver Christmas Market

I now understand why there's always a long line for Haxen Haus. The rotating pork hock is an excellent marketing tool, and the food is worth the hype.

Pork Hock from Haxen Haus at Vancouver Christmas Market

We ordered a half serving with lots of sauerkraut and a piece of bread. It reminds me of Lechon.

My Filipino-ness came out when I told my hubby that I wanted a bowl of rice and Mang Tomas (a savoury Lechon sauce).

I am not a fan of Lechon. I am that one Filipino who will not eat pork Lechon when available. I feel the same about the pork hock. It has a strong pork flavour, and I feel like I'll have a heart attack.

Half pork hock with sauerkraut and rye bread from Haxen Haus at Vancouver Christmas Market

The pork hock was seasoned with salt and pepper. At least, that's what I can taste. Other than that, it's all pork flavour which is perfect with the sauerkraut and maybe beer.

The Haxen Haus food hut has a "Facts about the Pork Hock" tarp. Below is the content.

Facts about the Pork Hock

What is a pork hock and which part of the pig is it?

The pork hock is the part of the pig where the foot was attached to the leg. It's not part of the ham, but also not quite the foot yet; it's the very end of the leg bone.

What is the difference between the half pork hock and the pork hock meat on a bun?

The half pork hock will be sliced up and served with Sauerkraut and a piece of Rye bread on a tray.

The pork hock meat on a bun is a smaller portion of meat put into a bun and topped with Sauerkraut (like a sandwich)

What is a half pork hock?

On the rotisserie you see the whole pork hock. Half of that would be a half pork hock.

Can I buy a whole pork hock?

Yes. One whole pork hock is an order of 2 half portions.

How am supposed to eat the pork hock?

We slice the pork hock fresh from the bone and serve it to you.

Do I get the bone?

Yes, if you order a half pork hock the bone is included in the order.

Is the pork hock gluten free?

Yes, it is. It's marinated with regular spices and herbs like salt, pepper, etc. No wheat.

Is the pork hock a vegetarian dish?

No. The pork hock is part of the pig so it is meat and thus not vegetarian.

Is the pork hock spicy?

Not the pork hock is not spicy but you can add mustard or sauce for different flavours.

Is the pork hock pickled?

No, our pork hocks are not pickeled. In different parts of Germany there are different ways to prepare the pork hock

Below is a list of food vendors inside the Vancouver Christmas Market we have tried so far, and we're almost done trying all of them.

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