Sunday, December 11, 2022

Chicken BLT McMuffin from McDonald's

Happy Sunday morning! Breaking from our breakfast routine, we went to McDonald's to try the relatively new Chicken BLT McMuffin. I also ordered the Chicken McGriddle and a couple hash browns.

I love the Chicken BLT McMuffin. The chicken was dry, but the bacon, tomato, lettuce, and whatever sauce they used worked well.

Chicken BLT McMuffin from McDonald's Canada

I also forgot how good the hash browns are from McDonald's compared to Tim's. 😱 It's not dry and stale!

The McGriddle has always been my favourite because the "buns" is sweet compared to the savoury meat. But, unfortunately, the chicken is also dry, and there's no sauce.

Chicken McGriddle

I'll be happy to order the Chicken BLT McMuffin again alongside a hash brown when I come back to McDonald's.

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