Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Smart Shrimp Curry from HelloFresh Canada

Happy Wednesday! For dinner today, hubby and I prepared and enjoyed the Smart Shrimp Curry from our HelloFresh box.

Smart Shrimp Curry from HelloFresh Canada

I'm back at work today. For breakfast, I enjoyed a quesadilla and hot chocolate. Then, we reheated half of the Fiery Hunanese-Style Pork with Green Onion-Ginger Rice for lunch.

Going back to the Smart Shrimp Curry. It lacks salt, which is my fault. Whenever I see Garlic Salt in the ingredients list, I always get scared that it'll be too salty, so I didn't add enough salt to the dish. Otherwise, it has a good curry flavour. I wish it was spicier; fresh ginger would elevate the dish.

Smart Shrimp Curry from HelloFresh Canada

Below is the HelloFresh description for this meal.

Smart Shrimp Curry with Buttered Couscous

HelloFresh Description:

This silky, fragrant curry sauce built on warm spices, tomatoes and cream cheese is sure to delight your palate! A healthy serving of shrimp and a side of light couscous make this meal a wholesome wonder. Smart is based on a per serving calculation of the recipe's kilocalorie and carbohydrate amount.

Smart Shrimp Curry from HelloFresh Canada

Preparation Time: 25 minutes

Calories: 520 calories per serving

Do you need an oven to prepare this meal? No

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