Saturday, December 31, 2022

New Year's Eve dinner at St. Augustine's Church

Finding a community in Canada is a challenge for any immigrant or foreign worker. You left your family and friends back in your home country and wonder if you'll ever find friends or a community in your new home.

I found friends at my first work, and I call that full-time job and my colleagues turned friends a miracle because I am so grateful to God for them.

When hubby and I moved to Vancouver from Richmond in 2017, we decided to attend Mass at St. Augustine's Church. Father Andrew, the volunteers, staff, and parishioners were all so welcoming. In addition, Ms. Jane and Father Andrew helped us with our Catholic wedding in the Philippines.

Happy New Year!

For the past years, hubby and I have celebrated New Year's just the two of us. To welcome 2023, we joined the New Year's Eve dinner organized by the Knights of Columbus and The Catholic Women's League in the parish.

A glass of red wine.

We picked an empty table and were joined by a Filipino Artist, a Filipino-Chinese couple, a Polish woman, and a Filipino couple. There were a lot of stories about faith, life, family, and travel over wine, fried chicken, roast beef, potato wedges, salad, roasted vegetables, and desserts.

Fried chicken, potato wedges, salad, roasted vegetables, and roast beef for a food coma dinner tonight.

Everything was delicious. The fried chicken was so juicy inside, and it reminded me of Max's chicken - I was so tempted to take it home to eat with rice and Mang Tomas. Meanwhile, the potato wedges were lightly seasoned with salt. The outside was crispy, while the inside was still soft. The roasted mixed vegetables were still snappy and not overcooked. I received a thick slab of roast beef and its cooked medium.

The Fil-Chi couple said that dinner was prepared by a professional chef member of the Knights of Columbus, which is why everything is restaurant-quality.

A slice of tiramisu cake.

Thank God for the blessed 2022 and for allowing us to welcome 2023 with Mass and be surrounded by our parish community.

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