Friday, December 9, 2022

Gravy Lovers Sandwich from KFC

KFC Canada introduced the Gravy Lovers Sandwich last month. Today, we finally got to try it.

Gravy Lovers Sandwich from KFC Canda

When I first heard of the Gravy Lovers Sandwich, I thought it'll be like a beef dip or French dip. I thought the idea was to dip a KFC sandwich into the gravy. Instead, we received a so-so chicken sandwich with sauce on the side which we had to pour.

Gravy Lovers Sandwich from KFC Canada
The Gravy Lovers Sandwich features our delicious hand-breaded chicken filet, 1 slice of Monterey Jack cheese, creamy mayo, and 1 crunchy indented hashbrown with an individual gravy.

The gravy was delicious, and the chicken was crunchy outside and was not dry. However, besides the gravy, there's not much flavour in the sandwich.

Gravy Lovers Sandwich from KFC in Canada

I enjoyed the Gravy Lovers Sandwich and will gladly have it again because I like the KFC gravy.

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