Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve dinner from Lin Chinese Cuisine

Every year our family (my sisters) chooses a cuisine for Christmas Eve dinner. This year they chose Chinese cuisine because they want Yang Chow Fried Rice.

We have our dinner separately. Hubby and I are in our home while my parents and siblings are in theirs. We are following the rules and are not physically together.

I ordered from Lin Chinese Cuisine. I called as early as 2:30 PM to place an order for 5:00 PM delivery. The lady over the phone said it'll get there around 5:30 to 5:45, which works fine for us. I forgot to tell her that our buzzer doesn't work, so I tried calling at 5:00 PM, and their number is not working. We decided to wait in the lobby of our building at 5:30 to wait for our delivery and ensure that the delivery person doesn't wait long.

It's a miracle! We only waited a couple minutes, and he got there. He told us that they have 30 deliveries in the area simultaneously, and the chef is going crazy because they didn't expect the demand. I added a huge tip on my order, and hopefully, the chef, delivery person, and everyone gets a share.

Noche Buena - Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai juicy pork dumplings)

Pan-fried pork buns

In an older post, I mentioned that I didn't enjoy the steamed pork buns, and I think the pan-fried version will be better, and I was right—Yay past self for the reminder to try the pan-fried pork bun.

Free Spring Rolls when you spend $50 or more

House Special Fried Rice

Our favourite Shanghai-style Chow Mein

Ginger Beef

Lemon Chicken

Honey Prawns

Shredded Pork with Chili and Garlic Sauce

We had a lot of food, and my simple table setting (i.e. paper plates, LOL) did the trick. No dishes to wash, it looks good, and we still keep maintain our simplistic lifestyle of buying only the things we need.

We ate dinner simultaneously as our family in Richmond, and we were doing it over a video call. After dinner and desserts from PICA, hubby and I watched "It's a Wonderful Life" for the first time. By the time the movie was over, it's 11:00 PM, only an hour before our traditional 12-midnight exchange gift.

Merry Christmas!

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