Saturday, December 12, 2020

Lunch at Suika

Suika is my favourite restaurant in Vancouver and primarily because of the Signature Beef Curry with Tonkatsu. It's the best one I have tried in the city.

Today is probably the last time we're going to have lunch there for the year. We do our best to eat at Suika once a month, that's how much I love their food.

Takoyaki Risotto
Deep fried octpus ball filled with rissoto. Takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and bonito flake on top

Crispy Chciken Kara Age
Deep fried chicken thigh served with sea salt and pepper.

Signature Beef Curry with Tonkatsu
SUika original stewed beef tendon curry with pork loin cutlet

Double Tonkatsu Set
2 pieces fried pork loin cutlet using special fresh panko. Served with 2 kinds of dipping sauce

Creamy Chestnut Pudding
Custard pudding with rich chestnut cream (mont blanc)

I have tried many dishes from Suika, and I think I've only been disappointed in one specific dish; everything else was delicious. Please support your local favourite restaurant. Stay safe and be kind. Always.

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