Friday, December 18, 2020

Surprise Steamed Buns from Bao Bakery

My parents, siblings, and I have a group chat. My sister just sent a menu of Chinese restaurants where they're going to order for their Christmas evening dinner. I responded with "Gusto ko ng siopao" (I want siopao).

Siopao is what we Filipino calls a pork (or chicken) steamed buns. My mom called so early in the morning asking if we want it. They'll drive all the way to Joyce Street (East Side of Vancouver) from Richmond and bring us a box of siopao (we live West Side of Vancouver). Parents are the best!

I have been craving it for months now and I can't believe it's here! Bao Bakery have delicious, freshly made steamed buns. 
Siopao, literally meaning "hot bun", is the Philippine cuisine indigenized version of the Cantonese steamed bun called cha siu bao. - Wikipedia

When I was younger, I love and would only eat asado siopao, but now I only eat bola-bola and find the asado too sweet. I am growing old! 

Half dozen of Chicken Deluxe (Bola-Bola) Steamed Buns

Bao Bakery

Yay for Siopao Friday!

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