Saturday, December 19, 2020

Lunch delivery from Pho Xe Lua 24

Happy Saturday! We played Pokemon GO for like 30 minutes outside then it started raining. I realized the outside world felt so dirty when it's wet and when you're outside. I like the rain when I'm indoors getting cozy under a blanket.

For today, we ordered pho to warm us up. I love the pho from Pho Xe Lua 24 today. I am not crazy about their sides but the delicious soup made everything better.

Food from Pho Xe Lua 24

Vietnamese Spring Rolls (2 pcs)

Deep-Fried Butter Chicken Wings

House Special Noodle Soup

Rare Steak and Beef Ball

I kinda regret not getting beef stew which has been a staple every time we order from a Vietnamese restaurant and my basis of good Vietnamese place. Oh well. Today is pho kind of day.

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