Friday, December 10, 2021

Dinner from Salmon n' Bannock

As I continued my food coma day and first day as a Canadian Citizen, we ordered dinner from Salmon n' Bannock. I thought of using UberEats, but after our food coma lunch, I took a nap and woke up at 6:00 PM. I checked the app, and it says that Salmon n' Bannock has temporarily closed the store for delivery.

I called the restaurant to check if they were available for takeout orders. The wonderful person I spoke with said yes. I told her that we'd check the menu and call back with our choices for pick-up.

I looked at the Mains section of the takeout menu and realized we tried two of the five possible options last Canada Day, so I ordered the remaining three for tonight.

Salmon n' Bannock Dinner

Fiss n' Barley
Our Wild Sockeye Salmon is served on our barley. Served with Seasonal Vegetables and Signature Bannock.

The Fiss n' Barley was delicious. I love the grilled Brussels sprouts, perfectly cooked salmon, and flavourful rice (they didn't have barley). However, it didn't come with the signature bannock.

Bannock Tacos
Our signature bannock is covered in house chilli and topped with organic greens, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese.

The person who took our order over the phone recommended we add bacon on top of the tacos, and oh boy, was that a fantastic suggestion. The flavour of tacos is all here, but it's on top of delicious Bannock instead of a tortilla.

Signature Bannock with House Chili (Vegetarian)

The chilli is excellent, and I wondered why I thought the one they serve at Tim Hortons is even close. Freshly cut tomatoes, black beans, melted cheese, and a bit of heat. It's perfect for this rainy evening.

We enjoyed our dinner while watching the Vancouver Canucks win over the Winnipeg Jets.

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