Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Lunch from Shameless Buns

Today, hubby had a dentist appointment, and because the weather is beautiful, he decided to walk to the dental office (1.6 km). On the way there, he spotted the Shameless Buns food truck! He sent me a text message right away.

After waiting for 1.5 hours for his appointment and walk back home, I enjoyed Shameless Buns.

Shameless Buns favourite

My favourite from Shameless Buns is the Signature Sinigang Fries. If you're going to pick a side, choose this one. It's a Canadian-favourite flavour of salty and sour, just like your salt and vinegar chips, but instead of processed chips, it's freshly fried french fries.

A container full of french fries.
Signature Sinigang Fries

Something New

Hubby called me because he couldn't decide what else to get. I asked him to read the menu while I look it up on their website as well. We agreed on Jacked Up Coconut Fries because I love anything with coconut (gata). I enjoyed it. Though I'm a rice girl and I could eat up the jackfruit coconut adobo (ginataang langka) any given day. Yum!

French fries topped with jackfruit coconut adobo, tomato, green onion, and garlic chips
Jacked Up Coconut Fries
Crispy Sinigang Fries, Jackfruit Coconut Adobo, Coconut Adobo Jus, Garlic Calamansi Aioli, Tomato, Green Onion, and Garlic Chips

Happy Ending

To end our carbo-loaded meal, we ordered Pandesal French Toast. I love the mango sauce it went with and it's so soft. I think I need to buy a dozen pandesal and just munch on it.

Pandesal French Toast
Pandesal French Toast

Filipino Heritage Month

I'm so happy that we get to support another Filipino business this month. We're on a "diet," and we weren't supposed to buy outside food (i.e. food from restaurants). But, we wouldn't pass up the opportunity to support Shameless Buns.

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