Sunday, June 14, 2020

Coconut Jam from Bukobaba

I wrote a blog post about ten Filipino businesses in Metro Vancouver to support this month (Filipino Heritage Month).

Where to get Coconut Jam in Metro Vancouver?

One of the businesses on the list is Bukobaba. They sell premium coconut food and wellness products. Browsing through their website and store and learning about their business, I discovered that their products are available in Meinhardt Fine Foods. We do our grocery shopping in Meinhardt, and I decided to look for Bukobaba, and I found it! Woot!

Stacked bottles of Bukobaba coconut jam
Bukobaba Products at Meinhardt Fine Foods

I purchased one bottle of the Coco Jam + Cacao, and we're hoping to use it as a spread to our sandwich, instead of Nutella. We can't wait to try it.

A bottle of Coco Jam + Cacao from Bukobaba with a Canadian Flag
Coco Jam + Cacao from Bukobaba purchased from Meinhardt Fine Foods.

I can't wait to support more Filipino businesses, not just this Filipino Heritage Month, but for the rest of the year and beyond.

June 18 update

We finally opened our jar of Coco Jam + Cacao. It was difficult to open so we put the jar under hot running water for a minute. Then, I mixed the contents of the jar with a teaspoon. The coconut part is solid because of the cold weather here. 

After mixing and the consistency looked right, we put some on toasted whole wheat bread and it was delicious! I think I need more bread. I'll probably order some pandesal to enjoy it with.

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