Saturday, June 27, 2020

Dinner from Royal Seoul House

I love slow Saturdays like today. We went to Staples to send off a package to Nova Scotia. Then, we decided to order take out dinner from our favourite Korean restaurant, Royal Seoul House.

We're still not brave enough to eat in a restaurant. I'm willing to go in, pick up food, then go out, but outside our house and my parent's place, we haven't spent more than 30 minutes in other establishments. Oh, that's not entirely true, we attended Mass twice now.

Anyway, before heading to the restaurant, I called in with my selection. We walked around the neighbourhood and went in 20 minutes later. My order is ready, and I can't wait.

Royal Seoul House was empty. Although, patrons may be eating in the private space for physical distancing.

Favourite Korean Dishes

Unlike in the Philippines, Korean dishes are not as popular here in Canada. They're also not that many Korean restaurants, unlike Japanese cuisine, which is nearly everywhere. I ordered our favourite Korean dishes.

I didn't expect our take out to come with banchan.

Goon Mandu

Mandu is a Korean dumpling. I love dumplings from all countries, and Mandu is definitely second on the list (right after Xiao Long Bao).

A row of fried Korean dumplings called Mandu
Goon Mandu (deep-fried beef dumplings)


This is my mom's favourite, and we have learned to love.

Japchae (stir-fried potato noodle with assorted vegetables and beef)

Seafood Pancake

This is a recent (when we moved to Canada) discovery for me. Growing up in the Philippines means an abundance of seafood, and this dish perfectly encapsulated all the fantastic seafood.

Seafood Pancake
Haemul Pajeon (Seafood Pancake) (Flour pancake with green onion and assorted seafood)

I'm happy to buy from the Royal Seoul House and support local businesses in our neighbourhood. I can't wait to have the courage to dine in again and enjoy their BBQ.

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