Friday, June 12, 2020

Ten Filipino Businesses to Support in Metro Vancouver

June 12 is the Philippine's Independence Day (#FilipinoHeritageMonth), and as such, I thought of promoting some of the Filipino-owned business here in Vancouver. 

Filipino Style BBQ Booth
This was taken July 1, 2016, during the Canada Day celebration at Steveston, Richmond BC. It's the first time I saw the Filipino-Canadian community since moving to Canada in 2015.

As I research and read about each business I highlighted here, I realized how much I miss the Philippines and how proud I am of the Filipino and Filipina behind each of these enterprises.

✓ Bukobaba

Bukobaba sells premium coconut food and wellness products. Buko is the Tagalog word for coconut. I'll look for their product at Meinhardt Fine Foods since that's now my default grocery. It's also perfect since I'm almost out of coconut oil when I cook vegan Laing.

June 14 Update: I purchased a bottle of Bukobaba Coco Jam + Cacao from Meinhardt. More details I shared on this post.

A bottle of Coco Jam + Cacao from Bukobaba and a Canadian flag
Coco Jam + Cacao from Bukobaba

Coco Cakes

Coco Cakes sells Filipino Mochi Cake. I have to order some to describe and understand what it is. However, I love the story of the founder, Dan. He became unemployed because of COVID-19, and that time turned into a beautiful business. Good job, Dan! I'm also biased since my mom is from Cebu and his parents are also from the beautiful island.

Ensaymada Ensaimada Moment

Ensaimada Moment sells the famous Filipino pastry Ensaymada. I'm already drooling, looking at their page. I better figure out how to order some, since my siblings love Ensaymada.

Kapé Coffee

Kapé Coffee makes coffee from the Philippines available in Canada. I don't drink coffee, but I think my colleagues would enjoy them once our office is open. Kape is the Tagalog word for coffee. This social enterprise source their coffee from Indigenous women growers from the Philippines.

Kasama Chocolate

As the company name implies, Kasama Chocolate sells chocolates with cacao beans from the Philippines. Now all my friends and colleagues in Canada know what they're getting for Christmas.

✓ Kayebakes

Kayebakes make available classic Filipino cakes and desserts we love. I was browsing their Facebook page and was thinking about what I could buy from them, then a post with mocha cake showed up. Now, I know where to get the cake for my birthday!

June 20 Update: We're having a triple celebration this weekend and I ordered a cake from Kaye Bakes. Read the post here

Ube Cake from Kaye Bakes
Ube Cake from Kaye Bakes

La Meryenda

La Meryenda is translated to "The Snack." Checking their menu, I immediately want to order Spanish bread. We used to eat this as a snack when we were kids.

Panaderia Corner

At this point in this list, I was thinking to myself, yet another bakery. However, Panaderia Corner have Ube pandesal and cheesy bread, and that's enough to get me drooling for more Filipino bread.


SAGO TOGO sells taho. And they're in UberEats. I just hope they deliver all the way near South Granville or Richmond.

✓ Little Ongpin Restaurant

Little Ongpin is the first Filipino restaurant I tried when I moved to Canada. I remember entering the restaurant for the first time in 2015 and was teary-eyed during my walk home because I missed the Philippines so much. I highly recommend their Lumpiang Shanghai and Chami noodles.

June 13 Update: We spent a day in Richmond with my mom and siblings and we feasted on Filipino food from Little Ongpin. Here's a link to the post I wrote.
A bowl of Kare-Kare from Little Ongpin Restaurant
Kare-Kare from Little Ongpin Restaurant in Richmond, BC

I hope you enjoy my short list. I'll make an indvidual post about each business after I've ordered from them. Hubby and I already discussing which one we want to try first.

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