Saturday, August 5, 2023

Food Adventure at Vancouver Night Market by Pacific Arts Market

After Powell Street Market, hubby and I went to Holy Rosary Cathedral for the 5:10 PM Anticipated Sunday Mass. Then, we walked across Granville Bridge to our home.

We live a couple blocks from West Broadway, and Pacific Arts Market has organized a Vancouver Night Market this evening (5:00 to 9:00 PM). It's our first time entering the Pacific Arts Market, and all I can think about is my friend, Lik. She loved to paint for fun and to give to friends. She passed away a couple of years ago. I also remember my high school friend, Deci, who will absolutely love visiting unique spots like this. I miss them both.

Vancouver Night Market by Pacific Arts Market

The Vancouver Night Market showcased food businesses and local arts and crafts. Of course, I'm here for the food. We already tried food from Taco Nori, Momo's, Bao Buns, and Peranakan Kitchen, so we opted to get food from three new vendors.

Tamales from Antojos & Sabores

If anyone from Mexico reads this, you'll be disappointed that this is my first time trying tamales. I got pork tamales from Antojos & Sabores, and it was soft and chewy, and the shredded pork was so flavourful. It's such a satisfying meal. We also got hibiscus tea to help cool us down.

Pork Tamales from Antojos & Sabores

Hibiscus Iced Tea and Pork Tamales from Antokos & Sabores

Ceviche from El Saborcito de Cecilia

Afterwards, we ordered Peruvian ceviche. It is made with fresh black cod fish marinated in lime. It's tangy and a little bit of spicy. The topping made all the difference, as the sweet potato and corn provided sweetness and contrast in texture.

Ceviche from El Saborcito de Cecilia
Black cod fish, Peruvian corn, sweet potato, lettuce, and Peruvian spices

Small Chops from NRI African Flavours

Then, we tried the small chops from NRI African Flavours. It includes a fantastic meat samosa, crispy spring roll, the most tender chicken breast, and fried dough.

Bao Buns

Before heading home, we got Ube Bao Bun. 🤤 I don't know why, but this is much better than the Signature Bao Bun. Ube ice cream just hits the spot.

Ube Bao Bun from Bao Buns
Deep-fried mantou (milk bun), ube ice cream, purple cream sticks, condensed milk, and icing sugar

I can't believe this event is a couple blocks from our place. I hope they can have a bigger one and better promoted, too ♥️ Or maybe they can open a food court style or ghost kitchen in the nearby empty restaurant. That way, we can have and support more small businesses in the area.

I only know about this event because I follow Bao Buns and Peranakan Kitchen on Instagram, and they promoted that they'll be here today.

I hope to see a more significant event in South Granville that people would be willing to travel to in the neighbourhood.

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