Monday, August 28, 2023

Dacaron™ from Blenz Coffee

I love hanging out at Blenz near our home; recently, they added more sweets to their display case. They now have cakes in a jar and Dacarons™ from Earthling.

Dacarons are when a dacquoise and a macaron have a baby. I have tried macarons, but I have not tried a dacquoise.

The exterior of the dacaron has a similar texture to a macaron but is softer and less chewy. Blenz is offering six different variants, and we picked two: Double Chocolate and Japanese Matcha.

I tried the chocolate first, and since it was my first bite of this new dessert, I was unsure what to expect. The chocolate was not overly sweet and did not have an intense chocolate flavour. Other than a subtle sweetness, it was bland. My husband ate the Japanese Matcha first and loved the double chocolate.

Top: Double Chocolate Dacaron
Bottom: Japanese Matcha Dacaron
Both are available in selected Blenz Coffee locations.

I ate the matcha last and could taste the grassy and slightly bitter green tea flavour profile.

I look forward to trying the other flavours: blueberry balsamic, yuzu citrus, strawberry cream, and Tahitian vanilla bean.

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