Saturday, September 16, 2023

Raclette Charcutiere from Frencheese Canada

Our Car Free Day adventure along Vancouver's vibrant Main Street turned into a gastronomic journey filled with pleasant surprises. After relishing the delightful Croque Monsieur from La Porte de l'Espoir, we continued our leisurely walk, enjoying the event's lively atmosphere.

Amidst the bustling street and cheerful chatter, a sign that read "Raclette" caught our attention. Memories of enjoying raclette cheese at the Vancouver Christmas Market flooded back, and we knew we couldn't resist this cheesy delight.

We approached the Frencheese Canada stall and ordered The Raclette Charcuterie.

The Raclette Charcutiere from Frencheese Canada
Melted raclette cheese poured on potatoes sauteed with butter, seasoned with thyme and rosemary, shared Sopressa salami and Italian ham, mixed lettuce drizzled with vinaigrette, and baby gherkins.

The raclette cheese melted to perfection cascaded over the potatoes, creating a gooey savoury blanket. The combination of the salty Sopressa salami and Italian ham provided a delightful contrast, while the fresh lettuce added a crisp, refreshing element.

One prominent flavour that stood out was thyme. The thyme and rosemary-infused potatoes carried a robust and aromatic essence that lingered with every bite.

The Raclette Charcutiere from Frencheese Canaada

As we indulged in our Raclette Charcutiere, it was as though we'd been transported to a cozy European street market. The savoury, cheesy goodness combined with the lively atmosphere of Car Free Day created a moment that felt like a mini culinary vacation.

So, if you ever find yourself strolling down a festive event like Car Free Day, keep an eye out for the Frencheese Canada stall. Their Raclette Charcutiere is a delectable experience that brings a slice of Europe to the heart of Vancouver. It's the kind of cheesy encounter you'll want to savour and share with fellow food enthusiasts.

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