Sunday, September 3, 2023

Frikandel Special from Dutchlicious | Dutch Street Market

Happy Sunday! We spent most of the morning and early afternoon in Downtown Vancouver. There's a Dutch Street Market north of West Georgia along Granville Street, and we stopped by a food trailer called Dutchlicious.

After perusing the menu, I decided to go for the most interesting - a frikandel and Dutch fries. Frikandel is skinless sausage topped with onions, curry ketchup, and mayonnaise. Because it is skinless, the exterior was crispy, while the interior was moist and tender.

The savoury sausage was topped with sweet onions and mayonnaise, but the unique condiment is the curry ketchup. It is a popular condiment in Germany and other European countries. It is ketchup mixed with curry powder, sauce, and other seasonings. It is tangy and slightly sweet with a hint of curry flavour.

I love curry and instantly loved the Frikandel topped with curry ketchup.

Combo 4 Dutch Fries (Large), 1 Frikandel Special

We also ordered Dutch fries and were uncertain about what makes it "Dutch." It's thicker than what you typically get from fast food chains and smelled unusually good, but it tastes like you're regular deep-fried potatoes.

According to my research, we should have ordered Dutch Fries Special. It's the thick-cut fries with mayonnaise, ketchup, onions, and ketchup curry. It sounds delicious.

I also noticed that their menu includes Indonesian influence, like satay and spring roll, which makes sense since Indonesia was a former Dutch colony.

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