Thursday, September 21, 2023

Customizable Lunch Bento Box from Tokyo in April Restaurant Vancouver

It was a picturesque Thursday with clear skies and sunshine, setting the perfect backdrop for our team's Japanese-themed lunch outing. Our destination was Tokyo in April, a highly-rated Japanese restaurant conveniently located nearby.

Tokyo in April offers a unique lunch experience with its customizable bento boxes. For my selection, I crafted a satisfying ensemble: spicy miso soup, teriyaki beef over rice, a spring mix salad, chicken karaage, and a salmon & avocado roll.

My Custom Bento Box from Tokyo in April

The spicy miso soup was a standout, boasting a balanced flavour profile that wasn't excessively salty but wonderfully savoury. The only hiccup in our culinary journey was the spring mix salad, which arrived unadorned with dressing, seemingly forgotten. Nevertheless, I embraced the opportunity to infuse some greens into my meal.

Spicy Miso Soup that's part of my bento box from Tokyo in April

The teriyaki beef over rice pleasantly surprised me with its sweeter notes, while the salmon and avocado roll showcased the delicate harmony between velvety salmon and creamy avocado. To elevate the roll further, a textural contrast element could be considered, though it still delivered an excellent taste.

Saving the best for last, the unassuming appearance of the chicken karaage belied its bold flavours. Well-seasoned, with a juicy and tender interior encased in a delightfully crispy exterior, it left an indelible impression. I eagerly anticipate indulging in this flavorful dish again on future visits.

If you find yourself near International Village, stop by Tokyo in April for their unique bento box experience.

For my amusement, below is a list of our team lunch so far.

Week Number:

  1. Brazilian: Boteco Brasil
  2. Chicken: Nando's
  3. Japanese: SUSHI UOmo Japanese Restaurant
  4. Bagel: Rosemary Rocksalt
  5. Thai: Thai Away Home
  6. Bagel (but we went for sandwiches): Meat & Bread
  1. Pies: Peaked Pies
  2. Comfort Food: Nene Chicken
  3. Burger: Five Guys Burgers & Fries
  4. Italian: The Old Spaghetti Factory
  5. Vietnamese: Pholicious
  6. Japanese: Tokyo in April

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