Sunday, September 24, 2023

Mocha and Butter Croissant from Monaco Café

On this unexpectedly clear and beautiful Sunday morning in Vancouver, I found myself at Monaco Café, savouring a quiet coffee date with myself while my husband tackled the Under Armour Eastside 10k 2023.

I ordered a delightful trio: a medium mocha, a butter croissant, and a sausage roll. Let's dive into the flavours:

The sausage roll was a savoury delight, featuring a juicy hotdog nestled within layers of flaky pastry. Each bite was a satisfying combination of flavours and textures.

Turning my attention to the croissant, I discovered a pastry perfection. Soft, flaky, and wonderfully buttery, it checked all the boxes for a great croissant. The only thing that could have elevated it further was a touch of warmth. However, the oversight might have been mine as I forgot to request it from the barista. 😅

Butter croissant, medium mocha, and sausage roll for breakfast at Monaco Café

As for my mocha, it was nothing short of perfection. Imagine a warm morning hug crafted from the sweet embrace of chocolate with a gentle undertone of rich, slightly bitter coffee. In every sip, I felt grateful for life's many blessings, from the beautiful morning weather to the simple joys in between.

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