Sunday, September 24, 2023

Street Tacos from TAPS and TACOS food truck

After my husband finished the Under Armour Eastside 10k, we slowly walked to Denman Street for Car Free Day. The same foodie rules apply where we prioritize food trucks we have yet to try, which means getting four different street tacos from TAPS and TACOS food truck.

First up is the pork carnitas taco. The spicy allure of salsa roja danced with the savoury pork carnitas.

Then, we took a bite of a roasted jackfruit taco. A surprising and delightful vegetarian option, the roasted jackfruit taco boasted the smoky allure of salsa Morita.

Afterwards, we enjoyed the delightful blend of tender meat and a kick of salsa Morita of the roasted chicken taco. The shredded succulent roasted chicken is perfect. I recommend this one.

Street Tacos from TAPS and TACOS food truck

Last but not necessarily the least is the braised beef tacos. It is adorned with vibrant salsa verde, promising a zesty adventure. The melt-in-your-mouth tenderness of the beef combined with the tangy salsa and the crispness of onion and cilantro.

One noteworthy aspect of TAPS and TACOS' presentation was their consideration of diners. They provided multiple tortillas for each taco, ensuring that the delicious contents remained firmly within the bounds of the tortilla, preventing any spills and allowing us to savour every bite to the fullest.

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