Saturday, September 9, 2023

Beef Pares and Pork Sisig from Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express

On our walk home from Car Free Day in Commercial Drive, we decided to have an early dinner at Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express along East Broadway. I ordered from them twice during the pandemic when they still offered delivery: August 2020 and December 2020.


As we stepped in on a sunny Saturday, the first order of business was to beat the heat with a classic Filipino dessert - halo-halo, which my husband more than happily enjoyed. This delightful concoction of crushed ice, sweetened fruits, jellies, beans, and topped with ube, was the perfect refreshment. The medley of textures and flavours, from the coolness of the ice to the sweetness of the fruits, made every spoonful a journey of taste and sensation.

Halo-Halo from Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express


I love turon, so that's what I ordered so my hubby can focus on the halo-halo. Turon is a delightful Filipino snack that's both sweet and crispy. These fried banana spring rolls were served with ice cream, adding a lovely contrast. The warm, crunchy exterior gave way to soft, sweet banana goodness inside, making it an ideal blend of textures.

Turon from Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express


Having indulged our sweet cravings, we moved on to the main course. Our Filipino dinner spread included java rice, beef pares, pork sisig, and pancit canton.

Java rice is a fried rice seasoned with annatto powder, giving its distinct orange colour. It is the perfect base for the rest of the dishes.

Java Rice from Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express

The first to arrive at our table is the beef pares. It is tender chunks of beef stewed in savoury and slightly sweet sauce. The meat practically melted in my mouth, and the sauce had the perfect balance of sweet and savoury - the flavour profile of some Filipino dishes.

Beef Pares from Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express

Next up to get to our table is a sizzling plate of pork sisig. It is finely chopped pork, seasoned to perfection and served with a side of calamansi (Filipino lime) for the zesty kick and to help cut through the grease. It is also topped with two eggs. It was the medley of crispy and tender with subtle sweetness from the onions. This is the best sisig I have tried in Vancouver (compared to the only other restaurant I've had).

Pork Sisig from Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express

Last to arrive is the classic Filipino stir-fried noodle dish pancit canton. It is loaded with vegetables, shrimp, and pork. It is not as good as my grandma's or mother-in-law's pancit, but it satisfies my craving.

Pancit Canton from Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express

Our visit to Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express was a culinary adventure. As I embarked on a journey to reconnect with my Filipino heritage, every dish served as a delicious reminder of my roots. If you're in Vancouver and want a taste of the Philippines, this restaurant is a must-visit. It's a testament to the vibrant and hearty flavours that Filipino food has to offer.

For future me, below is a list of items you have tried from Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express.

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