Thursday, September 14, 2023

Lunch Rush at Pholicious for Vietnamese theme team lunch

Happy Thursday! The clock struck 12:30 PM, and our team descended upon Pholicious, a Vietnamese gem nestled in the bustling heart of Downtown Vancouver. Our timing couldn't have been better. After securing a table, the relatively small restaurant filled with eager diners, all seeking to indulge in affordable food served by friendly people.

Vegan Spring Roll: A Crunchy Surprise

Our Vietnamese lunch kicked off with the vegan spring roll. The exterior of the spring roll offered a satisfying crispiness. Unfortunately, the interior was a different story. The texture was somewhat mushy. Thankfully, the dip made things so much better; it was slightly sweet and tangy.

Vegan Spring Roll from Pholicious

House Special Pho: A Symphony of Savoury Comfort

House Special Noodle Soup from Pholicious
Beef, grilled chicken, beef ball, and chicken ball

The true star of our meal was the House Special Pho, a hearty and flavorful dish that brought together a medley of ingredients. In this steaming bowl of goodness, beef, grilled chicken, beef balls, and chicken balls swam in a broth that perfectly balanced the essence of both beef and chicken.

House Special Noodle Soup from Pholicious

My favourite is the grilled chicken, which introduced an unexpected layer of subtle sweetness to the dish.

What is your favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver?

For my amusement, below is a list of our team lunch so far:

Week Number:

  1. Brazilian: Boteco Brasil
  2. Chicken: Nando's
  3. Japanese: SUSHI UOmo Japanese Restaurant
  4. Bagel: Rosemary Rocksalt
  5. Thai: Thai Away Home
  6. Bagel (but we went for sandwiches): Meat & Bread
  1. Pies: Peaked Pies
  2. Comfort Food: Nene Chicken
  3. Burger: Five Guys Burgers & Fries
  4. Italian: The Old Spaghetti Factory
  5. Vietnamese: Pholicious

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