Friday, September 29, 2023

Omurice from Tokyo in April restaurant

Since I decided to work in the office on a Friday, I asked my husband if he wanted us to have lunch together. I asked him what he preferred lunch, and his choices were a sandwichpho, or Japanese food, and he picked Japanese.

Omurice from Tokyo in April restaurant

We went to Tokyo in April, and I got what I really wanted to try: omurice with chicken karaage as the topping. My husband ordered the customizable bento box with miso soup, spring mix salad, beef teriyaki, salmon sashimi, and tonkatsu.

Customisable Bento Box from Tokyo in April

The omurice is beautiful with a tender, almost custard-like, softly-cooked, silky omelette that gently covers savoury tomato-flavoured creamy fried rice and traditional Japanese curry sauce (chicken-based) on the side. It's perfect.

I haven't had a weekday lunch date with my husband in a while, so this is good.

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