Saturday, June 11, 2022

Dinner from Boca'O at Thank Granville It's Food trucks Vancouver

TGIF is back! The South Granville Business Improvement Association (SGBIA) organized Thank Granville It's Food Trucks (TGIF). Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12 noon until 7 in the evening from June through the last weekend of August, there will be a rotating lineup of food trucks along West 10th Avenue at Fir Street in front of the Vancouver School Board building.

It's a busy food day, and I am happy. After Mass this afternoon, we enjoyed dinner under the trees from Boca'O as we support TGIF. Unfortunately, because it's late in the day, they're sold out of many things already, which is unfortunate since the Spanish Oxtail Poutine sounds terrific.

We chose two Spanish Burgers. I had a La Manchega while hubby picked the La Molona. They both were served with the delicious Patatas Bravas.

La Manchega with Patatas Bravas
Patatas Bravas: potatoes confited in olive oil, Ailioli, and Salsa Brava

La Manchega
AAA+ ground beef, Manchego cheese, stir-fried onions, Piparra pepper, salsa brava, and organic mixed greens

The stir-fried onions are excellent, but my favourite part is the peppers. I love the tartness and heat, which is a great palate cleanser from the fattiness of the beef. Overall, a well-balanced burger.

La Molona
AAA+ ground beef, Sobrasada (Spanish chorizo pate), egg fried in olive oil, Piparra peppers, tomatoes, and Ailioli sauce

La Molona

Hubby asked me to take a bite of his La Molona burger, to which I am more than happy to oblige. It's a messy burger, but hubby loves it. The Spanish Chorizo pate and egg add additional depth of flavour, plus the Piparra pepper is *chef's kiss*.

To end our meal, hubby requested we order the only dessert available (because the other one is already sold out). So we enjoyed the Cremoso de Chocolate. Who knew adding chilli pepper, sea salt, and olive oil would make a dessert this complex?

Cremoso de Chocolate
Chocolate ganache, olive oil, chilli pepper, and sea salt

Cremoso de Chocolate

The chocolate ganache is smooth and sweet. Meanwhile, the sea salt is something I always see in desserts (e.g. salted caramel), but chilli pepper is a fantastic discovery. The subtle heat makes me keep going back. I'm genuinely surprised.

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