Sunday, June 5, 2022

Munchu Picchu Food Truck at TGIF Vancouver

TGIF is back! The South Granville Business Improvement Association (SGBIA) organized Thank Granville It's Food Trucks (TGIF). Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12 noon until 7 in the evening from June through the last weekend of August, there will be a rotating lineup of food trucks along West 10th Avenue at Fir Street in front of the Vancouver School Board building.

Lunch from Munchu Picchu

After Sunday mass, we decided to drop by TGIF and see which food trucks were already open. It's our first time trying Peruvian food. The lady with Munchu Picchu is the friendliest we've had to deal with in all the food trucks we had the pleasure of buying from.

Munchu Picchu Peruvian Food Truck in Vancouver
Munchu Picchu Peruvian Food Truck

We ordered three items from the menu and walked home to eat lunch while watching this Mark Wiens video on Peruvian food.

Food and Drinks from Munchu Picchu Food Truck

Hubby chose both dishes. He read the menu and all the descriptions and said that these items have adjectives before the word Peruvian.

Salchi Broaster
Famous Peruvian street food. Crispy fries top it with a sliced beef wiener and two fried chicken drumsticks, shredded lettuce, and drizzle with our favourite sauce.

I chose the spicy mayo sauce for the Salchi Broaster, and it was delicious. I'll gladly order this again.

Fries and Sliced Beef Wiener in our Salchi Broaster

Fried Chicken Drumsticks in our Salchi Broaster

Pan Con Lomo
Traditional Peruvian dish, a stir fry that combines marinated strips of AAA beef sirloin with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, green onions, and fries, and served in our in-house-made calabrese buns.

Beef and onions are a combination I am familiar with growing up, so I am absolutely enjoying this sandwich.

Pan Con Lomo from Munchu Picchu's food truck

Jugo de Maracuya
Refreshing your taste bud with our Jugo de Maracuya is made out of real fresh passion fruit.

The lady did a great job upselling the passion fruit juice because it was refreshing, especially after taking a bite of the Pan Con Lomo.

Munchu Picchu Food Truck Vancouver menu

Munchu Picchu Vancouver menu

Munchu Picchu Vancouver menu

I hope to try more Peruvian dishes in the future. Thanks for introducing us to the flavours of Peru, Munchu Picchu!

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