Thursday, July 4, 2024

Montreal Bagel Sandwich from WA-BAGEL

Today marks my first anniversary at work, and what is the theme for our company-paid team lunch? You guessed it — bagels! In fact, it's become a running joke that bagels are the clear favourite, having been chosen a whopping seven times for our weekly lunches in the last 54 weeks.

This week, we ventured to WA-BAGEL to taste their unique Japanese-style bagels. I couldn't resist their signature Montreal Bagel Sandwich. The first bite was a revelation – the Montreal smoked meat's savoury smokiness was perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the miso-caramelized onions. They added a depth of flavour that regular caramelized onions just can't achieve. The creamy Japanese mustard aioli tied everything together, adding a touch of tang that cut through the richness of the meat and onions.

Montreal Bagel Sandwich from WA-BAGEL
Montreal smoked meat, miso caramelized onions, Japanese mustard aioli on a plain bagel.

For a sweet treat, I also grabbed their Mochi Matcha bagel. This beauty was a matcha lover's dream – a vibrant green bagel filled with chewy, bouncy mochi bits. The sweet red bean paste was like a burst of sweet, earthy goodness in every bite. The chopped walnuts added a delightful crunch, satisfyingly contrasting the soft mochi and smooth bean paste. It was the perfect way to end a savoury and delicious lunch.

Mochi Matcha from WA-BAGEL
Matcha bagel filled with mochi, red bean paste, and chopped walnuts

We found a charming plaza with tables and chairs along Burrard Street, the perfect spot to enjoy our feast. The summer sun was warm, and the atmosphere was just perfect. It truly embodied the beauty of a Vancouver summer!

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