Monday, July 1, 2024

Smoked Sablefish from Salmon n' Bannock | Canada Day 2024

I am big on annual traditions, and for the past four years, we have had dinner at Salmon n' Bannock close to Canada Day weekend. This year was no different!

This afternoon, we walked to Canada Place to see the Canada Together event. It was a beautiful celebration of our country, and it definitely built up our appetites! Then, we walked back across Burrard Bridge and headed straight to Salmon n' Bannock for dinner.

My husband ordered the Smoked Sablefish and he gave me half. It is a rich, slightly sweet smoke flavour that paired perfectly with the creamy, balanced sauce. The Haudenosaunee Corn Polenta was a delightful surprise - soft and cheesy, with pops of sweet corn kernels throughout. The fish itself had a firm texture, similar to cod or haddock, but with a subtle oiliness and flakiness that reminded me of salmon.

Smoked Sablefish on Haudenosaunee corn polenta from Salmon n' Bannock

I originally wanted the Feel the Beet Power Salad, which sounded like a vibrant and healthy option. Unfortunately, it had already been sold out when we ordered it. In a slight panic, I went for the Game Sampler. It turned out to be a fantastic choice! Three kinds of game meats, each with its distinct flavour, were beautifully presented with candied jams, tangy blueberry preserves, and crisp bannock crackers. It was like a gourmet charcuterie board, complete with additional cheese slices for variety.

Game Sampler (2 kinds of game charcuterie with preserves and bannock crackers)

Before our main course arrived, we were served warm bannock with butter. It is the most satisfying thing —warm, slightly sweet bread that melts in your mouth. Simple but delicious, it was the perfect way to start the meal. 

Signature Bacnnock with butter from Salmom N' Bannock

Thank God for Canada and the people we share this land and country with!

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