Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Lunch from Sushivan Japanese Restaurant

There's an ongoing campaign on Twitter to make every Wednesday of the week starting April 15, #TakeOutDay in Canada to support restaurants. Instead of using delivery apps that eat up most of a restaurant's margin, give them a call to place your order, and when possible, pick them up.

Right now, there's only a handful of restaurants open in our neighbourhood, so supporting small, local restaurants at this time are crucial to ensure they survive the effects of COVID-19.

For lunch and dinner today, I ordered food from Sushivan Japanese Restaurant. This morning I had difficulty deciding whether to order from Sushivan or from MASA. I checked their online pages and saw the news that someone broke inside Sushivan and stole all their credit card machines. It's sad for them to experience such loss, so I decided to give them a call and place my order for what I planned to be lunch, but way too much so we'll eat it for dinner too.

The thief came last night. He stole all the credit card machines. So you can pay with your credit card number. Please provide your credit card number when making delivery or takeout orders. We do not require a tip or delivery charge, but please let us know if you would like to pay for the tip if you wish. Thank you.
Posted by Sushivan Japanese restaurant on Monday, April 13, 2020

What did we get from Sushivan?

We ordered the following items.

Soy Chicken Karaage (Large)

It was crispy and delicious when it arrived. I still think it's best enjoyed with a cup of rice, but that might just be the Filipino in me talking.

Soy Chicken Karaage (Large)

Chicken Katsu

We had this the last time we were there, and it was as delicious. More rice, please?

Chicken Katsu

Awesome Special Roll

This is the highlight of the meal. I've been going down the list of Sushivan's special rolls, and this is amazing.

Awesome Special Roll

Korean Style Ramen (with Beef)

This is the first time I'm ordering the ramen with beef instead of my usual chicken. I prefer chicken. Regretting it, but hubby and I split the ramen and ate it with the Awesome Special Roll for lunch, so it's all good.

Korean Style Ramen

Tomorrow or Friday, I need to go out for grocery, so I can cook Chicken Afritada. Hopefully, our local supermarket has all the ingredients I need.

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