Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Queso Flameado and Huarache de Huitlacoche at La Condesa

We arrived safely in Austin, Texas, and after settling into our hotel, we walked straight for La Condesa, eager to experience the city's food scene.

Our first choice was the queso flameado, a delightful symphony of black beans, rajas (roasted poblano peppers and onions), Dos Lunas cheese, and a vibrant avocado salpicón (relish). The corn tortillas perfectly complemented the rich melted cheese.

Queso Flameado from La Condesa

While the queso flameado was a tempting shared starter, my main course stole the show. I opted for the Huarache de Huitlacoche, featuring a bed of black beans and Dos Lunas cheese topped with earthy mushrooms and fragrant epazote, all nestled in a beautiful oval-shaped corn tortilla. It was a vegetarian masterpiece, bursting with flavour in every bite.

Huarache de Huitlacoche from La Condesa

La Condesa's ambiance surprised me. While I envisioned a cozy, hole-in-the-wall eatery, the restaurant boasted a warm yet sophisticated atmosphere. The prices leaned a bit upscale for the portion sizes, but the quality and taste of the food absolutely justified it.

Inside La Condesa 

This delicious first meal has me incredibly excited to explore what else Austin's culinary scene has to offer. Stay tuned for tomorrow's food adventures!

P.S. Blogging from my phone – who knew it could be so easy?

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