Friday, May 10, 2024

Jamon y Queso Empanada from El Dorado Pie & Treats inside Lonsdale Quay Market

Our taste-bud adventure at The Shipyards Night Market continued after the initial taco feast. We wandered back through the rows of food trucks, but we were not particularly craving anything.

Deciding to explore further, we ventured towards the Lonsdale Quay Market. While some stalls were winding down for the early evening (they close at 7:00 pm!), the variety of food options was impressive. We finally settled on El Dorado Pie & Treats.

Hubby opted for the Jamon y Queso (Ham & Cheese) empanada, and it proved to be an excellent choice. The queso, different from the familiar cheddar cheese, offered a unique twist. Its distinct flavour perfectly complemented the savoury ham.

Jamon Y Queso (Ham & Cheese Empanada from El Dorado Pie & Treats
A unique mixture of cheese, ham, and spices

Feeling nostalgic for the pies I enjoyed in London, I couldn't resist the Beef Stew Pie. It was certainly satisfying, with a comforting filling of savoury stew. However, as expected, the flavour profile differed from its British counterpart. It offered a distinct character, yet it was equally delicious. The highlight for both the empanada and the pie was the pastry – flaky, golden, and utterly perfect.

Beef Stew Pie from El Dorado Pie & Treats

This unplanned exploration of North Vancouver's culinary scene was a delightful surprise, and I can't wait to come back and try other food vendors at the Lonsdale Quay Market.

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