Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Dinner at Mr. Japanese Curry

Happy Wednesday. I told my husband that this was my "Last Supper." I am having all four of my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, and it's advised to eat soft food (soup, smoothies, and mashed vegetables) in the next 5-7 days, so we walked to Cambie Village to Save on Foods for ready-cooked soup that hubby can easily reheat with minimal movements from me.

I also get paranoid thinking, what if something happens during the minor surgery and this becomes my last meal. I totally would want to eat Japanese curry. Every time we go to a Japanese restaurant (whether they specialize in sushi or ramen), if they have curry, I will most likely order it with tonkatsu as my meat topping and, of course, with rice.

My favourite Japanese curry is from Suika, but my dinner tonight came a really close second, and that's saying a lot from their delicious meals. The only downside is Mr. Japanese Curry has such a small place that your clothes will smell like curry afterwards.

I tried to replicate the Suika meal of Beef Curry (#3 in Mr. Japanese Curry) with Tonkatsu (under toppings) and chose Level 2 heat (it's the right heat). It was almost perfect except that Suika curry had the beef shredded and so soft while with Mr. Japanese Curry it's in chunks.

#3 Beef Curry (Stewed Beef) with Tonkatsu 

Overall, I'll come back to Mr. Japanese Curry and enjoy this meal again.

Hubby ordered #4 Mr. Curry and I enjoyed the cheese, onion, and pork combination with curry sauce and rice. 

#4 Mr. Curry
Beef curry with sliced grilled pork and onions in a homemade garlic soy sauce, fried shrimp, a hard-boiled egg, and melted cheese

Boneless fried chicken

The karaage was lightly battered and extremely juicy. It was definitely worth it.

For future me, please order less rice and more curry sauce. Yum!

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