Friday, October 7, 2022

Kokumiso Special for Dinner at Benkei Ramen

Happy Friday! It's Thanksgiving Long Weekend, and we're off to Toronto tomorrow for our first outside BC flight and vacation since 2019.

Before that, we picked up an item from Best Buy and had dinner at Benkei Ramen.

I had the Tan Tan Noodle combo with small Beef Curry and drink, while hubby chose the Kokumiso Special combo with chicken karaage.

I enjoyed the karaage so much that I ordered more. 😁

Kokumiso Special
A perfect mixture of various spices is used to create Benkei's original miso, with tonkatsu soup topped with a black sesame sauce.

3-piece Chicken Karaage

The Kokumiso Ramen is delicious, at least the one hubby shared with me. Meanwhile, the Tan Tan Noodle is more saucy than soupy. It has a good amount of heat to open up the nostrils, but nothing crazy.

Tan Tan Noodle
A mixture of chicken broth and soy milk combined with Benkei's original special sesame sauce and spicy miso.

Small Curry Rice

The curry is usual, but the karaage is better than I expected. It is crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and there's a subtle sweetness to it.

Chicken Karaage

Overall, a food coma-inducing dinner.

Excuse the spelling, typo, and formatting - I'm typing this on my phone because my laptop is already in the luggage. 😅

Benkei Ramen Main Menu and Sides

Below is a list of ramen and sides we tried from Benkei Ramen.

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