Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Devil's Burger from Devil's Elbow Ale & Smokehouse

Happy Thursday! For team lunch, the theme is burgers. My colleague suggested we walk to Devil's Elbow Ale & Smokehouse nearby. We ordered the Devil's Burger, and I was surprised by its quality. It's been a while since I have tried a gourmet burger.

The Devil's Burger from Devil's Elbow Ale & Smokehouse
In-house ground brisket patty, smoked mayo, tomato, lettuce, creole mustard, beer onions, smoked bacon, smoked cheddar, and brioche bun.

The burger starts with the in-house ground brisket patty, providing a rich, beefy, and juicy essence. The smoked mayo adds creamy and subtly smoky notes, while the freshness of tomatoes and the crispness of lettuce add a refreshing contrast. The creole mustard comes in for zesty spiciness, while the caramelized onions provide a sweet, bitter flavour. Lastly, the bacon adds a savoury and salty crunch complemented by the gooey luxury of smoked cheddar. Encasing everything is toasted and buttered brioche bun.

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