Saturday, November 18, 2023

Grill Basha and Basha Poutine in Richmond Centre food court

After IKEA, my husband and I went to Richmond Centre for the Lego store. Then, we decided to grab a late lunch at the Richmond Centre food court. I spotted a new store called Basha. My husband suggested getting both items with the name of the food stall in it: the Basha Poutine and Grill Basha.

Grill Basha from Basha in Richmond Centre food court

The Grill Basha includes three meat skewers: chicken, beef, and lamb, with lamb being my favourite. However, the Basha Poutine topped with chicken is fantastic. I highly recommend their shawarma over anything from the grill.

Basha Poutine from Basha in Richmond Centre food court

It's lovely to see the food court so full of people, like usual.

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