Sunday, June 4, 2017

Layover at Beijing International Airport (PEK)

I'm going home. Before that, I have a 6-hour layover in Beijing International Airport (PEK). One of the highlights of the layover is trying Peking Duck.

Tai Hing Restaurant

I walked around the airport numerous times and have decided to have a meal at Tai Hing Restaurant. I ordered the meat sample which includes Pork Barbecue, Soy Chicken, and Roast Duck. It was expensive, but the roast duck made it worth it.
Tai Hing Meat Sampler
Meat Sample: Pork Barbecue, Soy Chicken, Roast Duck

Tai Hang Fried Rice
Fried Rice

Air China Plane Food

Second Meal of the Flight
First Meal of the Flight

Yay for vacation!

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