Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Salmon Cream Udon at Suika Snack bar

Happy Wednesday! There are days like today when all I need is a warm hug and my favourite food from Suika Snack Bar to make things a bit better. I absolutely love their Signature Beef Curry topped with Tonkatsu (Pork Loin Cutlet), while my husband ordered the Salmon Cream Udon from Today's Special menu.

Salmon Cream Udon
Pan-fried udon in a rice salmon cream sauce with house-made salmon flake, ikura, and parmesan cheese on top.

Suika did not skimp on the salmon flavour of the Salmon Cream Udon. The salmon flake is covered in a salmon cream sauce topped with salmon roe. It's delicious! Try it before it's gone.

Chicken Dashi Kara-age
Juicy deep fried chicken thigh, crispy on the outside and filled with rich dashi shoyu flavour

If you love Japanese curry, then Suika's version is a must-try. It's my ultimate comfort food. But, of course, I also ordered the juicy, tender Chicken Dashi Kara-age.

Signature Beef Curry topped with Tonkatsu
Suika original stewed beef tendon curry topped with pork loin cutlet

My worries and problems are still there, but I find comfort that Suika will always provide my favourite meal.

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