Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Trying HelloFresh Again

Last September 2020, I wrote a post on why HelloFresh doesn't work for my household. This week we gave HelloFresh another shot because I'm on a "diet," and HelloFresh provides nutritional information that helps manage my food intake.

I address each counterpoint below.

1. Hack to make HelloFresh feel less expensive

This time I ordered 3 meals per week for 2 persons. I still think it's expensive, but I found a hack that will make it more tolerable. The serving portion and calories for each meal are big (when you're on a diet), so I divide each meal into four instead of dividing each meal into the recommended two. We eat half for dinner, and the rest I put in the fridge for lunch the following day. This technique allows me to stay under my calorie intake, making spending for HelloFresh more acceptable. 

It solves both lunch and dinner! If you're working from home and have to think about meals and household chores between calls with customers, it's quite stressful and overwhelming, so solving both lunch and dinner definitely helps.

3 meals for 2 people

Price per serving: $11.49
Shipping: $9.99
Total Price: $78.93

When you sign up using this link, you will get $90 off.

2, 3, and 4. Choose better recipes

In the previous post, I said it's too much effort. However, I realized that if I choose dishes that don't need many utensils, the effort is not too bad. Plus, hubby helps with cutting the vegetables and our way to bond in the kitchen.

The recipes we chose this week were delicious. Better than the experience a year ago, so I am excited to try more dishes.

Cantonese-style Noodles with Beyond Meat
I love the sauce and the crunchy vegetables. It's delicious!

Not Nonna's Chicken Cacciatore with Cavatappi and Basil
My favourite part of the dish is the chicken!

Summer Turkey Bolognese
My least favourite of all the three dishes this week.

5. Packaging

They have improved packaging a lot. For some reason, it felt like there's less waste this time around. Or I just chose recipes that don't have a lot of plastic.

I will continue using HelloFresh, but I need to balance using it and our weekly grocery run. Also, I have a small fridge and don't have an oven, so managing my limited space is always a concern.

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