Saturday, December 1, 2018

Craft Brewery and Distillery Tour

Hubby won a Craft Brewery and Distillery Tour at a company raffle. Surprisingly, we're the only one on the "tour," so it was like a private tour, which was awesome. Here is a list of brewery and distilleries that we visited around Vancouver.

Parallel 49 Street Kitchen

We had a sample of different beer (I can't remember all of them) and we went to the back where they brew it.

Odd Society Spirits

I'm not a beer girl. I prefer cocktails so this is more of my spot. However, the tour has given me an appreciation for beer.



Strathcona Beer Company

The last stop of our tour is Strathcona Beer Company. At this point, I've had more alcohol than I'm used too so everything tasted so much better.

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