Saturday, December 28, 2019

Dinner at Sushivan

It's raining and cold. Solution? Spicy Korean-style ramen.

Korean Style Ramen (chicken)

Spicy and warm ramen is perfect in this rainy Vancouver weather. For sharing, we decided on the Karage. It was delicious, and I like it better than the spicy chicken Karage. However, the Filipino in me thinks I'll enjoy it more with rice.

Soy Garlic Chicken Karage (this is the small-size)
Deep-fried chicken coated in sweet soy sauce

Hubby ordered the bento box!

Chicken Teriyaki & Sashimi Box
Chicken teriyaki appy sashimi, appy tempura, salad, 4pcs. California roll, and rice

Bento Box is served with miso soup

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