Saturday, December 14, 2019

Das Karoffel Haus inside the Vancouver Christmas Market

Kartoffelpuffer is basically German potato pancakes. Based on the description, it's like hashbrown or potato patties (depending on how you call it) but in a circular shape.

Kartoffelpuffer served with apple sauce and sour cream.


I'll transcribe below what's in the signboard included in the second picture.

"A quintessential German treat beloved across every region of Germany, Kartoffelpuffer are not only a favorite dish to serve at home but are also a popular street food found at local events like the Christmas market.

Kartoffelpuffer are made from potatoes that are grated raw and grated finely. The shredded potatoes, finely grated onion and salt are then fried to light golden. The end result is a crispy exterior and soft interior.

Kartoffelpuffer can be served sweet or savory. Most commonly, they're served with applesauce, sugar, and sour cream. Sometimes they are served with salmon and/or brie as a part of a meal.

In a word, they're simply DELICIOUS!"

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